Ethel's Food Diary


In lieu of the recent trend of healthy eating, we decided to get Ethel to record her diet for three days, and get a nutritionist (her friend, Raine) to comment on it because...why not?


Day 1


Breakfast was a hurried affair of gulped air because really who wakes up that early on a Sunday?


Needless to say I was beyond starved by the time lunchtime rolled around. And whenever I’m starving, I almost always crave sushi (I must be part hidden Japanese) and thus conveyor belt sushi it was. Salmon. Tamago. Tamago. Salmon. I had approximately three to four plates each of Salmon and Tamago sushi before I was satiated. Just feed me these two types of sushi and I will be an extremely happy camper. Until the next meal time that is.

사진 2.JPG


Home-cooked scrumlicious glutinous yam rice for dinner which makes for an entire meal on its own. Carbs, what carbs? It is the weekend after all, I’ll just go to the gym tomorrow...maybe?


Raine: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It would be good to have a cup of hot drink or a fruit to start your day with even though it might be late. Generally, your meals were not well balanced and it will be good to include at least two servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits per day. You can choose to include a slice of fruit in your meals as an afternoon snack.


Day 2:


The Monday blues kicked in and breakfast was an equally hurried affair of kaya toast while I attempted to reach the office before le Boss did.


사진 3.JPG

I might not eat much but I’ve always been a rice and carbs kinda girl. The word ‘diet’ definitely does not exist in my dictionary. And so lunch was none other than my default go to of char siew rice with braised egg. To reward myself for making it past half of the dreary day, I bought some pudding milk tea. Nothing like a sugar rush to perk me up before heading back to work!



After an intense debate with myself on whether I should attend my weekly Krav Maga self-defence classes (yeah don’t mess with me even if I may look weak and helpless), I chomped down on some egg and tuna sandwiches and had a cup of Milo before heading for some (self-torture) intense workout.


사진 1.JPG

What with the sorry excuse of a dinner that I had and a great amount of kicking, punching and everything in between, I was absolutely famished by the time class ended. To supper it was. Our supper of Teochew dishes consisting of fried anchovies, fish fillet, long beans, minced meat and sweet and sour pork was definitely more sumptuous than my dinner and I was stuffed and ready for a night of sound sleep. Now, if only I didn’t have to wake up early tomorrow…


Raine: Looking at your how lean you are, you can definitely afford the supper (that's why it is important to know the goals of the clients so that we can comment appropriately). Personally I don't think you need any dieting ;) Instead you probably need to put on some weight or just maintain your current weight. Similar to my comments for the previous day, include some greens in your diet for the essential vitamins and fibre needed.

Having pudding milk tea is fine- as long as everything is in moderation! You could try lowering the sugar level and request for less or no tapioca pearls when ordering.

Overall, you’re missing your servings of greens and fruits. You can add them as a snack prior to your self-defense class and try wholegrain bread as a snack before dinner as it can fill you up for a longer duration as compared to white bread.


Day 3:


I am a self-professed anglophile so yes I heart bread a lot (but my love for rice is in the lead by that extra millimetre), which means breakfast is usually a combination of two slices of bread and some spread. This morning however, I got an extra special homemade egg mayonnaise sandwich courtesy of the mumster.


My boss treated me to premium melt-in-your-mouth Japanese cuisine at the Sun with Moon Japanese restaurant situated at Wheelock. Seriously, how can anyone resist Japanese food? I really must be part-Japanese. I ordered a chirashi bento set (fragant Japanese rice mixed with bite size pieces of tamago, salmon, unagi and roe) that came with miso soup, tempura, green tea and dessert to boot. I was so full from lunch that I almost went into a food induced coma.


The day passed by relatively fast and before I knew it, it was yet again time for my self-torture/self-defence Krav Maga class. A random sandwich and Milo, but nothing too full in case I puked it all out while doing some burpees or squats.


Raine: It is good to have a snack prior to class. Consider having a fruit next time! This time round you did not have a proper dinner after class, so the output is more than your input. Do make sure that you have a balanced meal especially when you are engaged in strenuous physical activities. It is important to hydrate yourself and ensure that you have sufficient fuel!


Ethel: Okay so I guess it is pretty evident that my greens and I will never be BFFs. All enmity aside, I do concede that greens and fruits are necessary for a wholesome and well-balanced diet. I’ve realised how unbalanced my diet is and this is definitely a strong reminder to keep to a balanced diet, for the sake of my well-being.