Organic Juices – what’s the deal?

Ever wondered how organic juices really taste? Our non-dieting Editor-in-Chief with a sweet tooth tried a set of organic pressed juices and nut mylks for three days, and gives the most detailed review ever.

  Could the secret of pretty celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley be organic green juices and smoothies?     

Could the secret of pretty celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley be organic green juices and smoothies?


Some call it a marketing ploy and trend, while for others it’s a way of life – the organic pressed juice and nut milk market has definitely marginalised people into ‘Clean Eaters’ and ‘Regular Folk’, or ‘Rich People Who Can Afford Organic’ and ‘Those Who Can’t’, depending on how you look at it.

I honestly don’t think I will ever know the impact organic produce will have on my life – because going and staying organic is expensive – but I can tell the difference between regular apple juice versus apple juice with cayenne pepper, no? So after months of deliberation, I finally gave in and tried a one day juice set which I spread across three days.

I wanted to see if healthy and organic juices taste as good as I thought it would be, or least confirm my suspicions whenever I read about someone raving about their morning kale, spinach and celery juice because 1) Really? and 2) Euuurgh!

Day 1

1. Raw Nut Milk: Nuts (Almonds or cashew), medjool dates, cacao, maca, fresh mint, cinnamon

First impression: This looks like really diluted Milo so I wonder how cacao-y it’ll taste. Is it going to be bland or do my eyes deceive me and it will be surprisingly rich, thick and creamy? Expectations - always best to leave them at the door.

The mylk is light and has an overall strong nutty, cinnamon taste, and isn’t sweet despite the inclusion of the medjool dates for natural sweetness. I pour a sample for my boss and two colleagues. Boss mentioned that it smells sweeter than it tastes while my colleague says it’s not bad. My second colleague could barely down a sip.

One bottle of nut milk, three different reactions. Six more bottles to go...

2. Coconut Water

Just how coconut water should taste – straight from the shell with yummy chewy bits of coconut flesh. Mmmmmm…

Day 2

1. Pineapple, cucumber, turmeric, maca, kaffir lime

First impression: Looks like green vom. I let out a very sceptical “hrrrrmmmm….” I vaguely recall that there’s pineapple in this which my optimism levels up a bit.

Wow that’s turmeric alright – it fills my stomach with some heat. I taste more of the cucumber and turmeric but it’s still easier to down than yesterday’s nut milk. It’s meant to be an energy booster and stress reliever, but damn I am still stress-banging away at my keyboard a lot harder after going through some work emails…Ah work, can’t do without it.

2. Kale, cucumber, seasonal greens, spirulina, lemon, ginger, apple/pear

First impression: It’s after lunch and by this point in the day I’m beyond tired and I’ve been sneezing my nose off (it’s flu season), so I grab the bottle which looks like it might set me back on the right track. I obviously pick the greenest looking bottle and see that it’s marked ‘Spirulina’.

This is green juice alright. I can taste a whole vegetable farm in here and it’s not bad. The ginger aftertaste is quite strong but it clears my nose and head just nice.

3. Cashew Milk with matcha

First Impression: A pretty pastel-green, and I feel so Asian drinking matcha. So proper. It’s like green tea but more posh.

Not bad at all - tastes just like unsweetened green-tea flavoured milk.

Day 3

Frankly, by the third day I’m eager to finish the juices and get this over and done with. I didn’t even do a dedicated juice-diet and am still eating regular food and solids, so I can’t imagine how much willpower I’d need to gussy up for a proper juice-detox.

1. Beetroot, apple/pineapple, cucumber, chia seeds

First impression: This juice is so pretty, with the chia seeds suspended in the liquid. Unfortunately this tasted just of beetroot and cucumber. The chia seeds were quite fun to ‘nom’ on, and this juice was meant to curb hunger. Makes sense – chia seeds expand. I definitely didn’t feel as hungry during lunch.

2. Cayenne with apple?

Okay I’m going to guess what juice this was because this didn’t correspond with the menu I was given. It’s a pretty lemonade-pink and ‘Cayenne’ is marked out on the label. There’s definitely apple in here, and this was the most fruit-flavoured tasting of all the bottles. It had a spicy kick at the end of every mouthful thanks to the cayenne and while I wouldn’t say it was unpleasant, it was definitely surprising.

 The 'green vom' that had a bit of kick with turmeric powder.

The 'green vom' that had a bit of kick with turmeric powder.

 Mmmmm, green juice.

Mmmmm, green juice.

 Pretty chia seeds suspended in jewel-red beet juice

Pretty chia seeds suspended in jewel-red beet juice


I made it through the juices - huzzah! These concoctions are definitely health foods and as weird as some may taste, you'll definitely benefit from them. Even though it was a tough week with a horrid lack of sleep, I felt like my skin was still looking clear and my appetite wasn't affected which usually happens when I get stressed. A colleague pointed out that it could have been a placebo effect, but let’s give some credit to the juices and nature’s produce, shall we? Besides, the juices didn't come cheap...

Note: This is an unpaid review, and all opinions expressed are the writer’s own. WOOP zine is in no way endorsing any organic, not-organic lifestyle or diet.