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"We believe in building a platform that serves all kinds of writers and readers that are passionate about food & travel."

Good things are always better shared, and the team at Burpple has built a platform that allows passionate Singaporeans to share their favourite food haunts.

 Dixon Chan, co-founder of Burpple

Dixon Chan, co-founder of Burpple

What made you decide to start Burpple and where did you get the idea to do so?

Together with Elisha & Daniel, we co-founded Burpple. I have to say that Burpple has evolved quite a bit from the start. It's really from our passion for food and travel, while seeing a huge opportunity in building a simple platform that allows lay, passionate locals share their knowledge with everyone. Importantly, the product has to be scalable across the world. Users are getting smarter, and it's eventual that people will switch from traditional methods (magazines/ directories) to more authentic platforms like Burpple.

What were the risks involved when you were starting Burpple?

Probably the only risks were personal ones like opportunity costs. The founders were fresh out of college and all had bigger job offers in Silicon Valley. It was an easy choice personally, but had to deal with our parents!

What do you feel are the misconceptions people have about tech startups in Singapore?

The expectation that every startup is suppose to be as big as a startup like Instagram. Having a Silicon Valley mindset in a Singapore market might be a good start, but it is always key to grow to bigger markets. As Marc Andreessen says.. The market always win.

What do you think sets Burpple apart from popular food blogs like ieatishootipost and Lady Iron Chef?

If there's a good analogy, I would like to see Burpple as a library & printing press for books. Some books are written by famous people, some books are written by indie writers. And sure, there are those who are always writing new books for money. We believe in building a platform that serves all kinds of writers and readers that are passionate about food & travel.

That's where our product comes in. Burpple guides people to great food for any occasion, by locals for everyone. Powered by real locals, our vision is to let any person eat & travel like a local around the world.

These experts can be anyone - people who are incredibly passionate about food. They're the real stars!

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What were you doing before Burpple?

I was working for a rapid growth startup in Silicon Valley, where I got the opportunity to lead the AD network. There were eight of us when I first started, and 50 people when I left. 

What do you do in a day at work, and what do you like to do in your free time?

My role is to drive the vision of the company and ensure things tick in the company. Having an incredible team at Burpple always help!

I like real conversations with friends. Come as you are. I love to cook and play the guitar as well. 

What is the most important lesson you've learnt in life so far?

Private success always lead to public success. 

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