Audrey Lim


"Dream big, be humble and stay true to your vision."

Fashion designer Audrey Lim has this pearl of wisdom for aspiring designers out there. She too started out with zero knowledge in design having come from the science stream in high school, but she never gave up and continues to pursue her passion relentlessly. 

I STUDIED DESIGN at Temasek Polytechnic and after winning the Audi Star Creation competition in 2010, I’ve been working for Raoul as a Design Studio Supervisor ever since. As a Design Studio Supervisor, I work closely with the design & development team, handle the sampling process and do part of the designing as well.

My decision to go to design school was quite random, actually. I was in the science stream back then (in high school) and I thought I needed something creative in my life. Unlike many of my peers and without having any art background or proper art education during high school, I chose fashion design. I can’t remember exactly how I ended up with this decision but it didn’t take long for my fascination to sprout into a desire and bloom into a dream.

I’m very much inspired by all things creative. I take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere- this world has endless possibilities. To me, there are no rules in fashion; it’s only your point of view on different things.

My design work process starts with having a distinctive and clear concept for a particular season and working around a topic. Thereafter I’ll start to design / drape / sketch with the concept and the ideal fabrication in mind.

To be honest, a typical day as a fashion designer is nothing exciting. I would either be burying myself in work all day, surfing the net while sipping on my drink of the day or draping on a mannequin. While surfing the net, I also usually explore topics ranging from fashion to food, be it food recipes or travelogue or even images that are not related to fashion. My advice for aspiring fashion designers would be to dream big, be humble and stay true to your vision.

After winning the Audi Star Creation Competition 2010 (Asia-wide fashion design competition that promotes and develops emerging Asian fashion talents), I had a 1-year internship programme with FJ Benjamin. I was given a great opportunity to launch a capsule collection of 16 ready-to-wear outfits which was showcased during the 2011 Audi Fashion Week. Following my internship with FJ Benjamin, I was offered a fill-time position as an assistant designer with the Design and Development team at RAOUL.

Being hired as a full-time designer at Raoul is one of my most memorable achievements. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn the ropes from such a young age and being given such a rare opportunity encourages me to become even more successful.

My favourite fashion designer would be Dion Lee. It’s interesting to see how fashion is being interpreted into something unique through the usage of different techniques which can be shown through Dion Lee’s designs.

I don’t really have a dream job - I feel that as long as I’m happy and love whatever I’m doing, that’s the most important. Needless to say, I’m no different from any other designer and I dream to establish my own label one day. Right now, I’m trying to gain as much experience as I can in the industry and I would want to do some travelling in the future in order to be exposed to the fashion scene in other parts of the world, be it the hottest fashion capital in New York or London.

Interview and photos of Audrey by Ethel Wee

One of Audrey's look for RAOUL

A model wearing one of Audrey's designs at the Audi Fashion Festival 2011.

Audrey for RAOUL.