April - The Month of Creatives

It's yet another month into 2014 and for April we're focusing on the artists and creators, the designers and performers, the...you get the picture. Creating a monthly theme and sticking to it was something I've always toyed with when I created WOOP zine, but I decided against it because I didn't want to pigeon-hole my content or feel obliged to stick to the rules. Then I remembered that I can create whatever rules I want and break them whenever I want (that's the joy of doing your own thang), so the odd interview that has nothing to do with your stereotypical creative might pop up.

Also, not to say that the only creative people I'll ever interview and feature will be in the month of April - there are just so many to interview and all the interviews that happened this month just happened organically I suppose.

Anyway, it's been inspiring to learn about the different thought processes of different creative, along with the struggles they go through. Like with a lot of professions, design and creative work is a lot harder than it appears to be, and I wanted to explore that a bit further this time round. Have fun!

- Alyssa